Fire Control & Safety Plan

Our Fire Control and Safety Plans are in compliance with the latest IMO / SOLAS regulations. We can update your existing Fire Control and Safety Plans, or we can create completely new Plans from scratch.

Vektor Maritime takes full responsibility for the entire production. We guarantee full compliance with regulations and authorities specifically related to your cruise ship, cargo vessel or offshore construction. Our extensive experience has given us the qualifi cations needed to skillfully draw accurate Fire Control and Safety Plans quickly and of high quality.

We have the know-how required to identify missing items or non-compliances with applicable standards, giving our customers greater pass ratio on their next inspection. We also perform "On Board inspections" and updates of plans.

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"General arrangement plans shall be permanently exhibited for the guidance of the ship's officers...""Plans and booklets shall be kept up to date; any alterations thereto shall be recorded as soon as practicable." - SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation 15.2.4