Other Services

Restricted Area

We supply our clients with documentation that is crucial for CSO’s (Company Security Officer’s) in their work of mapping restricted areas on board the company’s vessels. All our drawings, printed or digital format, are produced according to current regulations and standards.

ID Cards

We produce identification cards to meet the clients individual needs. ID cards can be delivered as plain cards, with magnetic strips that include specific information about the card holder, or cards that are equipped with radio transmitters. We also supply you with visitor cards, stevedore cards, custom crew cards and more

If your company is in need of other specific plans not already mentioned, we can assist you in finding a suitable solution. Our products range from Gang Way Posters, Garbage Management Plans (MARPOL 73/78) and Cabin and Required Placards to completed customer specified productions.

More Information   

"...developed to ensure the application of measures on board the ship designed to protect persons on board, cargo, cargo transport units, ship´s stores or the ship from the risks of a security incident." ISPS Code

"The SSP should ensure that there are clearly established policies and practices to control access to all restricted areas." - ISPS Code